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You would like to buy goods in Bali or Java!!

We are here to guide, assist, and help you in your product search, for your purchases, for production monitoring, quality control, for your business or private use.

It would be impossible and presumptuous to present all the products available in Bali via the Internet. Indeed, throughout the last 30 years, Bali has become an inescapable Asian business hub, offering products manufactured on-site as well as on other Indonesian islands.

The south of Bali mainly consists of various local tradesmen, shops, factories and small mills, from Ubud to Seminyak, not forgetting the sprawling town Denpasar.

Bali has a distinct advantage over China as it offers the possibility to tailor one’s production, even with small amounts, or to design tailor-made furniture…

Many expatriates have merged their Western know-how with talented Indonesian craftsmanship, and consequently Bali is a unique place offering limitless creativity.

Our Services

Whether you’re an accomplished professional with years of experience importing products from Indonesia or elsewhere, or intent on purchasing goods at the source with no middlemen (wholesalers from your home country) or merely a private individual, an export agent such as BOREALIS will save you time and money, and allow you to cover all expenses at each step along the way, specifically:


We will help you focus your research, according to your needs. With several years of experience, the BOREALIS team is able to select the best manufacturers in numerous fields.


We will assist and advise you during your purchases, for negotiations (in Indonesian) before processing orders. This is a crucial step, as efficiently placed orders avoid any loss of time during the two next steps, namely production monitoring and quality control.

Production Monitoring

Most of the time, people travel here to place orders but aren’t able to stay on site several weeks in order to keep an eye on production. We will check that the suppliers are indeed monitoring the orders and manufacturing deadlines, which can sometimes prevent a few bad surprises on the delivery day (a few days before the container is sent), such as a major delay or a production error.

Quality Control

Quality control is an essential step in import and export, consisting in checking that the delivered goods do indeed match your order: quantities, colors, dimensions, sizes etc… Quality control is made upon delivery and during the production process. BOREALIS will act as a logistical link between your Indonesian suppliers and the freight forwarder responsible for the collection, packing, container loading, paperwork… We will of course supervise the loading of your goods in your container.


BOREALIS collaborates with several freight forwarders in Bali and Java. A freight forwarder is a company which takes care of collecting your goods, packing them and sending them by boat or by plane, and also of issuing all relevant official documents (packing list, delivery orders, licenses etc…) in order for your goods to leave Indonesia and enter to your country.

Our Prices

Our fee is received in the form of a percentage of your purchase amount. The workload can vary according to clients, and several criteria must be taken into account: Canvassing, product type, number of suppliers, location of the various suppliers, quantity…

Contact Us

Should you have any questions pertaining to any product type, or are planning a trip to Bali for purchases, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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